We just never get better

Your dog can’t tell you when she’s feeling sick, but even so, you know. She moves slowly, she doesn’t eat, she sleeps a lot, she curls up in a corner by herself. “Sickness behavior” is shared by all mammals, and in humans it’s been shown to include fatigue, cognitive problems, body aches and pains and disturbed sleep. These symptoms sound very familiar to patients with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia, and recently several researchers have suggested that many core symptoms of these illnesses could be the result of sickness behaviour biology gone wrong.

Sickness behaviour is normally a good thing, helping us survive by resting to fight off infection. But it evolved as a short-duration response, and may be harmful if it sets in for the long-term, perhaps playing a role in ME/CFS.

In other words we got sick but the ‘sickness switch’ was never turned back off.

See Phoenix Rising’s full report parts one and two.

What were they thinking?

I got a personal message today from Douglas Alexander, election supremo of the Labour party:

I want to take a moment to thank you for all your help and hard work in the run-up to yesterday’s elections, especially in the last hectic few weeks.
The successes we’re celebrating today are because of you — from door knocking to donating, and from speaking to our neighbours to speaking out online — it’s your efforts that have helped make the difference.

I replied:

I really do not know where you get the impression that I helped you. I’m someone who sent individual comment to Angela Eagle in a 38-degree action. What makes you think that I would want to support a party that can’t even identify supporters from people who have commented negatively about the party?

Truth is I don’t trust any party given the lies and deception and the infantile histrionics at Westminster, particularly a bug-eyed ‘Wallace’ with his attack dog ‘Bollocks’ or the alternative a bunch of posh-boy spivs with a penchant for cutting benefits whilst enriching friends.

Vote ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ and take me off your lists

Unsurprisingly I did not receive a reply.

Lies, damn lies and statistics ok

Iain Duncan Smith has again been found out using false statistics to justify disability benefit cuts: politics.co.uk

The staggering thing is that he “believes” he is right despite the evidence. A demagogue should not be in a position  of power over sick and needy people who would be prosecuted if they told lies.

Also see Jayne Linney’s blog on this subject and her petition which please sign.

The Papers are in the Post

I finally finished and posted off the huge PIP questionaire, that I have been working on steadily for the past 3 weeks at about an hour a day (the most I can give it before fatigue and brain fog set in). I can’t say it was a labour of love.

As always with any claim for PIP (or ESA/WCA for that matter) the advice provided by Benefits and Work was helpful and well worth the small subscription. For specific PIP advice relating to ME the charity Action for ME was incredibly helpful.

The Start of the PIP Exercise!

I knew that today would happen but somehow hoped it would be delayed. The changeover from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) over to the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) has caught up with me and I now have to apply for the new benefit in order to continue to have my Motability car.

According to the various news forums I watch, PIP decisions are taking up to 6 months to process in some cases. My DLA claim runs out at the end of July so there is only 4 months for mine to be processed.

To continue to have the use of a car I need to score 12 points, the maximum, to get high rate mobility. Reports are suggesting that the majority of claimants for this level are failing to get the benefit but a lot may eventually be given it by the Appeals.