Getting a PIP Appointment – 1

Big envelope of papers arrived on Saturday from Capita (the company making huge profits from taxpayers for doing the PIP medical assessments). On my application form I stated that I couldn’t manage an appointment further away than Mansfield; I can’t say in advance whether I will be fit enough to attend on any particular day; and that it would have to be an afternoon. My appointment has been set for Nottingham in 2 weeks and first thing in the morning.

I rang Capita this afternoon and that appointment is cancelled but their system wasn’t allowing new home visits to be booked. I’M to ring in a week or two to see if appointments are available. In passing the Capita guy said that all initial appointments are sent out automatically by computer; makes you wonder why DWP had a whole page in the initial application form asking for details of appointment needs and difficulties – they obviously don’t read them.

With the appointment pack there were 12 pages, 7 sheets (of 100 gms quality paper) detailing 5 different journey options to get to the appointment. Me, I thought there were only 2 – bus and train. On the positive side they allow 7 minutes for walking the 300m to the bus stop.

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